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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I have been busy updating my mailing list, contact me to get on it. Also, I am finally finding small pockets of time to get re-organized and working on marketing and other buisness aspects that I have put off for entirely too long. I really need an assistant to keep track of all this stuff so that I can concentrate on doing new work. On the other hand, I have too much old work that needs to be sold or shown. For an update on current goings-on, view my newsletter.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am happy to have my new site up. I just updated the calendar with some workshops and open life drawing sessions. I am still actively looking for some new show venues so keep tuned in for updates on that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome Back!!!!
I haven't used this in awhile, but new website... possibly new posts? I have a few reviews and other writings in mind. I also have a lot of new news about what is going on in my life. Check back often.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

An update on recent events: The Art Institute of Washington: I have been incredibly busy teaching at the Art Institute. The school keeps growing which keeps my classes packed with new faces. As the school grows, it also has become more and more organized which has allowed me to fall into a regular schedule and reduce some of my volunteer responsibilities as I gear up to move into Lorton and focus my attention on my portraits and fine art. All-in-all I find that teaching here has helped me to grow as an instructor as well as an artist, and I am glad for this position and all that I have learned in my four years there. Lorton Workhouse: The Lorton Workhouse is a nerve-racking experience. As they near the end of phase 1 of construction, the time is finally near when I can move my studio out of my crampt 1 bedroom condo. The opening ceremonies are scheduled for mid September, so be sure and keep up to date by visiting www.lortonarts.org. During the ceremonies, be sure to check me out. I will have a tent to display my work, and will be giving several free workshops and lectures the weekend of the 20th in an attempt to pull people into taking classes. Yavelberg Studios: Besides the move, I have been focusing my attention toward portraiture in an attempt to pad my portfolio for my push for new clients. I have been working on paingings of friends and family and have been practicing demonstrational portrait painting so that I can seem calm and collected when painting in front of a crowd. I am still working on sculpture and other fine art to break from the portraits, and I even produced several photographs. I have updated the website with all current works, so feel free to browse around and find all the new stuff.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Leslie Nolan

There is no need to waste time comparing Leslie Nolanís art to the great masters residing in the museums around the world. Nolanís work is a unique vision of the world around her. I have personally had the pleasure to get to know this wonderful artist and even to exhibit with her; yet every time I see her work on display - I am stunned. Her work is always fresh and deep in expressive gesture. I will also try not to waste time talking about each and every individual piece; as she produces so many all with equal energy. Leslie Nolanís subject matter is varied, but tend toward the human figure and landscape, never seeming to combine the two. In this show she tends to separate the two ideas as she continually experiments with the design possibilities of each.

It is this experimentation that makes Nolanís work unique. She never seems to hesitate with her designs. Her unrestricted use of color in many paintings shoves into the face of many viewers her possibility. She will use a palette of neon colors for one image, and then swiftly move to a somber achromatic vision of a similar design for the next. It is this willingness that expresses her range and her deep understanding of the artistic process. In her landscapes she seems to experiment with this idea of color. She keeps the same composition in several of her landscapes, but varies her color choices and shows them all to the viewer. Is it times of day, or is she just playing?

Nolan would like you to feel the sense of playfulness in many of her paintings, but the truth is that she wants to be taken seriously. It is hard to find playfulness in many of her paintings of the figure. The stances of the figures are typically contemplative and strong. Her palette is more deliberate, and her mark is always expressive. People become shadows or visions of the world in which Nolan lives, observations of the physical as well as mental state in which we also live. The figures tend to a sort of isolation, while her mark is aggressive and present.

The work that she presents borders between the abstract and the figurative. One cannot place her work on either side of that fence. Though a subject might be easily read in many of her works, her understanding of color and gesture allow her to pull out deeper meanings from her compositions that imbue her subjects with that more psychic or emotional impact. Her figurative sense appeals to the viewerís relationship to the world in which they live. The viewer is forced to connect with the figures, their gestures, their contemplation. The abstract color, the play of warm versus cool, or the highly keyed color schemes will play to the viewerís emotions as well, completing the presence of the painting.

Nolanís work is always astounding. Her paintings could be said to pull from such a wide gamut of 20th century art, that it becomes difficult to begin listing them all. It is better said, that these are ďNolansĒ and should be taken as such. Only someone with a personality like hers and willingness to fail (though let us hope it never happens) can create works as great as these that appeal to such a broad and adoring audience. I am still glad to have had the pleasure to exhibit with her in the past. Hopefully I will be able to do so again in the future.

See her work at leslienolan.com

Sunday, May 06, 2007

It has been a good week. I recieved two portrait commissions, attended the National Portrait Society Annual Conference. Got some great information on how I can improve and move ahead with my career... And I WON AN AMAZING EASLE! Ok, I wish I could have won something that wasn't just raffled off, but I will use this prize to focus on next year's conference. I want to place among the finalists if possible. So, that said, I am going to devote most of this next year toward developing my portrait craft. I will be seeking out individuals to capture in my personal style. This will mean that I probably will be asking amny of my friends and hopefully begin approaching random high profile individuals to have sit for my portraits. This doesn't mean that I will be giving these paintings away. It just means that I think I need more of a portfolio after looking around at the work at the conference. I believe that I am as good, if not better than many of the people there (or at least I have the potential to be). I also know that I have less of a portfolio because I was probably one of the youngest, if not the youngest member there. Anyway, I would like to thank the portrait society for holding that convention and again express how great an opportunity it was.

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